CODSCON is a relatively new Business Group but we have made rapid strides in different business verticals in a short period of time since we started in 2021. This has been mainly due to a strong digital marketing team which is continuously upgrading and using all important emerging technologies. We expect to reach positions of market leadership in all our business brands guided by our highly experienced and visionary leadership team.

Digital is impacting the consumer industry today

“Digital” has come a long way since its origins as 1s and 0s and has quickly evolved into a strategic priority for nearly every company. We classify digital as the broad range of technology-enabled advancements — including e-commerce, social media, big data and mobile computing — that are transforming how consumers live their lives and how consumer companies operate.

Digital enables growing price and performance transparency, simultaneously raising customer expectations and the stakes of a competitive landscape. As channels expand and new disruptors emerge, consumer companies will need to rethink their talent strategies in a digital world where desire for seamless, personalized experiences and rich, engaging content will only continue to grow. Digital is impacting the consumer industry today and companies in the consumer products, restaurant, retail and travel sectors are evolving their leadership and organizational decisions in response.


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